IGNITE is an NIH-funded network dedicated to supporting the implementation of genomics in healthcare.
The network is comprised of six research sites, a coordinating center, a steering committee, and working and interest groups.
The National Human Genome Research Institute and an external scientific panel provide oversight for all network activity.
Starting in 2013, NIH selected six genomic medicine research sites for 4 years of funding. These research sites were tasked with finding ways to incorporate genomic information into electronic medical records and develop clinical decision support for providers across diverse healthcare settings.
To that end, the IGNITE Network also disseminates the methods and best practices its members develop in order to advance the implementation of genomics in healthcare. One outlet for public distribution is the SPARK Toolbox, which provides genomic medicine resources for clinicians and researchers.

Geographic map of IGNITE Network affiliates as of October 2016

Research Sites and Principal Investigators

Organizational chart of the IGNITE Network

NIH Program Staff

  • Teri Manolio, MD, PhD, Director, Division of Genomic Medicine, NHGRI
  • Ebony Madden, PhD, Program Director, NHGRI
  • Heather Junkins, MS, Program Director, NHGRI
  • Kelly Filipski, PhD, Program Director, NCI
  • Colette Fletcher-Hoppe, Senior Program Analyst, NHGRI