Implementation Guide for CYP2D6 – Opioids

Answer the questions below to generate your own customized implementation guide for implementing CYP2D6-opioids testing in your practice. These questions assess the current status of your implementation process to determine how best to configure your guide.

Your customized implementation guide will contain stepwise instructions, recommendations, and information resources to help you complete and maintain a successful implementation of CYP2D6-opioids testing. This guide was created by experts in genomic medicine with real experience in implementing this genetic test in a clinical setting.

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Have you completed the following implementation steps? Not Yet Started In Progress Completed
Gather Institutional Support for CYP2D6 Testing
Develop CYP2D6 Genetic Test Ordering and Interpretation Process
Establish Reimbursement Sources/Processes for CYP2D6 Genetic Test
Integrate CYP2D6 Genetic Data into the EHR
Develop Provider Education for CYP2D6 Testing
Develop Patient Education for CYP2D6 Testing
Establish Workflow for Clinical Pharmacogenomics Implementation of CYP2D6 Testing