The IGNITE Network will be represented at the following events.

National Society of Genetic Counselors 36th Annual Conference

Sept. 13-16, 2017
400 N High St
Columbus, OH
Lori Orlando, M.D., IGNITE investigator, will present “Unlocking the acronyms: Research genetic counselors and the NIH partnering together to improve patient care.”

American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2017 Annual Meeting

Oct. 7-10, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
Kristin Weitzel, PharmD, FAPhA, IGNITE investigator, will present in a joint session entitled “ Personalizing your practice: A practical guide to implementing pharmacogenetics at your institution” on Oct. 8, 2017.

American Society of Human Genetics 2017

Oct. 17-21, 2017
Orange County Convention Center
9989 International Drive
Orlando, FL
Abstract submissions pending. IGNITE presenters will be updated when this information is available.

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2017

Nov. 11-15, 2017
Anaheim, CA
Kristin Weitzel, PharmD, FAPhA, IGNITE investigator, will present “Improving Adherence to Medications Using Pharmacogenetics” in a Cardiovascular Seminar entitled Comprehensive Self-Management of Patients with CVD” on Nov. 14, 2017.

Association for Molecular Pathologists 2017

Nov. 16-18, 2017
Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center
100 SW Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
Victoria Pratt, Ph.D., FACMG, IGNITE investigator, will present “AMP CYP2C19 PGx Variant Standardization Project” on Nov. 16, 2017.
Larisa Cavallari, PharmD, IGNITE investigator, will present “Implementing and Assessing Outcomes with Genotype-Guided Therapy” on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017.