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Informing treatment options incorporating genomics into your practice


Collecting, assessing and measuring data on genomic implementations

The SPARK Toolbox is an online information resource library focused on the field of genomics.
The IGNITE Network, which is made up of leaders in the field of genomics, regularly collects, reviews, and adds new information resources to the Toolbox. The Network was created to enhance the use of genomic medicine by supporting the development of methods for incorporating genomic information into clinical care and exploration of the methods for effective implementation, diffusion and sustainability in diverse clinical settings.
By maintaining this Toolbox, we hope to help:

  • Clinicians incorporate genomics into their practices
  • Researchers study the best ways to use genomics in healthcare

Anyone is welcome to submit resources to the SPARK Toolbox. If you have created a document, website, or other resource relating to the use of genomics in healthcare, you are welcome to submit it for review.
Please keep in mind that the SPARK Toolbox is a free, openly available resource library.
If you have questions about submitting resources to the SPARK Toolbox, please get in touch.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please fill out our feedback form.
We value feedback, which helps us continually improve how the SPARK Toolbox serves clinicians and researchers working in the field of genomics.
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